IEC 61131-3 ControlView
ControlView is ISaGRAF based programming, giving you the strength of the global leader in open control, with all five IEC 61131-3 standard programming languages: Ladder Diagram, Sequential Function Chart, Structured Text, Instruction List and Function Block Diagram. In addition, it also supports Flow Chart programming, as well as your own "C" functions. Use just about any combination of these programming languages to write a control program for the hardware platform of your choice.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Language Architecture
    FlashControl combines mutiple programming languages with powerful pre-defined or self-created function blocks to give you the simplicity of a PLC, and the performance of a high-end process controller.Sequential Function Chart organizes your programs into tasks or sequential steps. Each SFC block may be a ladder diagram, function block diagram, statement or instruction list program.

  • On-Line Program Changes
    Modify processes without waiting for shutdowns. The FlashControl "Application Developer" allows you to make program changes on the fly.

  • Self-Documentation
    FlashControl program and system configuration files can be stored on your controller, as well as providing one step printing to optimize project documentation.

  • Program Simulation
    FlashControl provides program simulation capability that allows troubleshootiing and validation before actual startup. You can develop and debug your programs quickly and easily in Windows, before loading them to the control target of choice.

  • Connectivity
    Visualization to you controller is accomplished through our OPC server. FlashControl programs can be accessed via any OPC DA2.0 compliant software.

  • Portable Program Structure
    FlashControl programs can interchangeably run on virtually any hardware platform or Operating System without having to rewrite your program. Target controller OS is a simple "drop-down" choice during download. This also includes the ability to distribute or redistribute control programs across multiple target devices with simple "Drag and Drop".