FlashPoint Technologies OEM Services

FlashPoint Technologies is dedicated to developing world class, open automation products and solutions built around open standards and embedded software architectures. Our focus is the integration of software tools and components from global leaders, and innovative concepts that we have created, into packaged OEM solutions. The focus of our business is in four main areas:


-Software Integration                         -Contract Manufacturing

-Consulting Services                               -Packaged OEM Products

Software Integration-This group within FlashPoint Technologies is responsible for finding readily available and leading edge technologies like ISaGRAF and Indusoft, as defined by customer specifications, to create custom software solutions on specified hardware platforms. The concept is to find software components or modules that satisfy a particular task.

We work with vendors to determine what is needed to integrate all components into a unified product. The end product has a common look and feel, and in some cases, a single development environment and licensing scheme and is typically a “brand labeled” solution marketed by an OEM. FlashPoint supplies the complete automation sub-assembly with documentation and support.


FlashPoint provides all necessary integration engineering required to make the modules function together as a finished product. Quality testing, documentation, customization, and hardware compatibility testing are all provided as part of these Software Integration Services.

Consulting Services-Oftentimes an OEM is looking to conceptualize or prototype a product before finalizing a design. The Consulting Services group within FlashPoint Technologies provides third party design services. The focus here is to recommend which products may be best suited and easiest to integrate into a common automation platform following the shortest path to market.

Embedded automation offers machine builders the chance to add significant power to their products through the use of newer technologies that permit control, data/information gathering, web services, and traditional human machine interface (HMI) on a hardware platform that is both space efficient and cost effective.

Contract Manu Contract Manufacturing-
The trend these days is for an OEM or machine builder to focus on core             on core competencies. As an extension of consulting services, FlashPoint is often called
                        upon to provide manufacturing of an OEM's automation system as a drop in sub-assembly.

Packaged   Packaged OEM Products-see ControlView