ISaGRAF is an embedded control software environment that enables you to create local or distributed control systems. It offers a combination of a highly portable, robust control engine (Virtual Machine) and an intuitive application development environment (Workbench).

The application development Workbench provides all IEC61131 control languages plus Flow Chart. The output of the development environment is selectable as either portable "C" source code or TIC (target independent code). The ISaGRAF Control Runtime Engine (CRE) is a powerful, optimized ,and very fast software control component that executes the TIC.

The R/T Engine and all options are offered ready to use on NT, Linux, CE 3.0 and QNX. Additionally, this control engine has been designed such that source code examples of the Virtual Machine are available in toolkit form, providing portability to any OS, or even for use  without an OS, on any hardware platform.

Ideal for embedded applications, ISaGRAF can handle unlimited I/O points. Multiple Virtual Machines (VM's) can run on the same processor, at different scan rates. Multiple processors can be incorporated in a single project, allowing for different processors and different operating systems in a single application. Bindings provide for transparent use of other Virtual Machine data-local or across a network or communication link.

ISaGRAF toolkits give you the ability to write I/O drivers, add market specific function blocks, connect to higher level systems, or conveniently brand label the product.

ISaGRAF Enhanced transforms the controller into a high performance PLC, DCS or RTU. Other controller features such as data quality, millisecond time stamping, sequence of events, trending, alarming, processor synchronization, GPS support and redundancy further enhance the flexibility and power of the ISaGRAF architecture.