InduSoft is a powerful suite of automation tools, with scalable building blocks for developing everything from a man-machine interface (MMI) that runs on a palm-sized computer to a full-scale SCADA system running on the largest Pentium or RISC workstation. It can be set up to supervise small machine controls or to build a very large, networked distributed control system for automation or process control.

has communication drivers for monitoring and controlling equipment from most manufacturers, communicating over many common highways and networks. Its open connectivity to other Windows-based software systems makes it an ideal system for communicating with MES, ERP or other management systems. Unlike competitive software products, InduSoft allows users very deep access to displays, databases and security.

FlashPoint Technologies is an Indusoft partner for all Indusoft products. The core visualization component for all FlashPoint ControlView® products is Indusoft's CEView which has been customized by FlashPoint to include drivers to ISaGRAF and a shared database between the two.