ControlView® Overview
ControlView from FlashPoint Technologies combines software tools from leaders in embedded technology like InduSoft and ISaGRAF with industrial Pentium Class panel PC’s, single board computers (SBC's), or other PC form factors. The goal is to deliver on a promise of open automation embedded into non-proprietary Pentium class hardware.

FlashPoint Technologies’ ControlView product family is designed to give OEM’s, integrators, and users, high level graphics, reporting, control, and communications traditionally available in a package 5 to10 times the cost. ControlView is available two ways:

1) ControlView Intelligent OIT is designed to replace proprietary HMI panels (with limited capability) with a powerful package that provides intelligence, customization tools, "open" visualization and Web connectivity in a single, standard product.

ControlView Intelligent OIT products are priced from $725.00 USD for Visual Basic Development or $995.00 with pre-loaded visualization software and web server. Contact us for specific hardware/software configurations like screen size, processor speed, and bundled software configurations.

2) ControlView Virtual Logic Controller (VLC) combines the power of ControlView Intelligent OIT with the control power of ISaGRAF, the global leader in open and embedded control. ControlView VLC replaces proprietary HMI panels with limited capability with a powerful package that provides intelligence, customization tools, PLUS control, visualization, and Web connectivity in a single, standard product.

ControlView Virtual Logic Controller products are priced from $1325.00 USD

Don’t let the size of your automation project dictate the power of your HMI, control, and communication capability.

All products from FlashPoint Technologies utilize commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, embedded with powerful visualization and control software from global leaders like ISaGRAF and Indusoft, customized by FlashPoint to give you the most powerful, cost effective automation components available anywhere in the world.