General Information
FlashPoint Automation is a technology company dedicated to developing world class, open automation products and solutions built around open standards and embedded software architectures. Our focus is the integration of software tools and components from global leaders, and innovative concepts that we have created, into packaged OEM solutions.

We are driven by the desire to help OEM’s take advantage of new technologies that enable them to reduce cost, expand markets, and seamlessly connect to legacy automation systems. The cost of technology continues to shrink while the power increases exponentially. To benefit from these advances, OEM’s need packaged, open, modular solutions that help pass these lower costs to their customer base.

At FlashPoint, we intend to make technology available faster, in configurations that are meaningful to machine builders. OEM’s need to focus on what they do best; recreating automation in a different form factor is hardly the charter of any OEM. The choice should be yours to specify automation architectures that take advantage of embedded technology on the platform that makes sense to you.

FlashPoint Automation is the software supplier you need. By designing around global leaders like ISaGRAF with over 150,000 installed runtimes we insure connectivity-among vendors, networks, and legacy systems. FlashPoint and our partners, are all focused on delivering OEM solutions through various products and services, that take advantage of technology, not exploit its use.